noyma cccp stamp

Just found these keywords (noyma cccp, noyta cccp stamp, noytobar mapka stamp) in our Google Analytics report. Looks like people are trying to identify Russian stamps (unknown for them) putting similar looking, but non Cyrillic, letters to Google’s search bar.

Let’s explain them that “noyma cccp” means just “Почта СССР” or USSR Postal Service. This wording have to be present on all postage stamps of USSR (1923-1991). To find value of your Soviet stamp, try to find the year of the issuance on the stamp (present practically on all Soviet postage stamps too) and search our inventory by Year:

Remember, that our price tags is just a retail price, the catalogue price can be higher (usually) or lower and it can be a challenge to sell later Soviet period stamps in conditions other than “mint never hinged” or postally used on covers or postcards.

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