Buzuluk zemstvo stamp forgeries on eBay

Let’s try to track here the most interesting fake and forged Buzuluk zemstvo stamps, sold or just offered for sale on eBay.

The forged Buzuluk #1 (1876) was sold on eBay on Jul 02, 2017 by British dealer i.b.redguy for GBP 103.00 or approximately US $133.12.

forged Buzuluk #1
forged Buzuluk #1

The stamp was described as “possible reprint?”.

The original Buzuluk #1 is only known in used condition with Gurevich 2014 catalogue CV $5000, and only 12 copies recorded.

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One comment on “Buzuluk zemstvo stamp forgeries on eBay”

  • This is interesting, I know i.b.redguy, so we can only hope he sold it by accident, and not deliberately.
    There are now many other ‘dealers’ on Ebay.com who ONLY sell ink-jet prints as genuine stamps, very active recently: antoniostamps, then chaykacy, stampseller84, but also a seller in Kiev, ‘qm400’ has started to sell ink jet prints, his tsar Nikolai abdication stamps were all ink jet print, not only the overprint, but even the stamps (and many other stamps too!)
    Another British seller who sells Russian bad ink jet prints as genuine is also : sussex-stamps.


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